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E-books / Historic facsimile

Cover for Skattkammarön


En av världens bästa äventyrsböcker!När en mystisk sjöfarare dör hittar unge Jim Hawkins en skattkarta bland sjöfararens tillhörigheter. En karta som visar vägen till den ö och pla ...

Cover for Pappa Goriot

Pappa Goriot

En av realismens främsta romaner! Eugène de Rastignac är en ung juridikstudent som vill nästla sig in i Parissocieteten. Rastignac är inkvarterad på ett pensionat i ett av Paris sä ...

Cover for The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories

The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories

The chilling classic that inspired the new Netflix horror drama, "The Fall of the House of Usher". Venture, if you dare, into the House of Usher...The narrator visits his friend, R ...

Cover for The Bostonians

The Bostonians

Regarded as one of his finest works, Henry James' ‘The Bostonians’ (1886) is a brilliant satire about the women’s rights movement in America. Verena Tarrant is an inspirational fem ...

Cover for The Begum's Fortune

The Begum's Fortune

‘The Begum’s Fortune’ follows the plans of two scientists, the French physicist, Sarrasin, and German, Schultz. Each has a share in inheriting a vast fortune and sets about spendin ...

Cover for North Against South

North Against South

‘North against South’ is Verne’s comment on the American Civil War. Farmer, James Burbank, is committed to the abolition of slavery, while former slaver, Texar, is a fervent suppor ...

Cover for The Lottery Ticket

The Lottery Ticket

Jules Verne’s “The Lottery Ticket” is a story about a message in a bottle with a twist. Hulda Hansen’s husband-to-be Ole embarks on a journey with a fishing boat with the hope to g ...

Cover for Tribulations of a Chinaman in China

Tribulations of a Chinaman in China

Jules Verne’s, ‘Tribulations of a Chinaman in China’ is an adventure novel exploring the themes of true happiness, and the real value of life. Kin-Fo is a young and extremely rich ...

Cover for Tales of Terror and Mystery

Tales of Terror and Mystery

‘Tales of Terror and Mystery’ is a volume of 13 short stories from the prolific ‘Sherlock Holmes’ author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Stories in the collection include the mystery of a ...

Cover for Deirdre


The story of a young girl raised in isolation in preparation to marry the King of Ulster sounds at first a little outdated.That is until you call it what it is - an arranged marria ...

Cover for Riceyman Steps

Riceyman Steps

Penny-pinching bookseller Henry Earlforward harbours a desperate love for his neighbour and customer Violet. After he succeeds in wooing and marrying her, their marriage begins to ...

Cover for Ovington's Bank

Ovington's Bank

'Ovington's Bank' is set in 1825 and was published in 1922 but - as the Financial Crisis of 2007 demonstrates - is as relevant today as it ever was.The story follows a run on a pri ...

Cover for Classic Christmas Collection

Classic Christmas Collection

Deep dive into this crackling collection of ‘Classic Christmas Stories’ from the very best writers around the world!We’ll start by dissecting Dickens’ moral message in the famous a ...

Cover for Cities in Literature: Paris

Cities in Literature: Paris

You’re invited to wander the streets of Paris with France’s literary greats. Weaving a remarkable collection from the very best romantic writers, tales of love, loss, and laughter ...

Cover for In Chancery

In Chancery

Young Jolyon Forsyte develops a friendship with his cousin Soames' estranged wife Irene. As the friendship blooms into something more, Irene’s divorce is not going as smoothly as h ...

Cover for Cities in Literature: London

Cities in Literature: London

You’re invited to wander the streets of Victorian London with the nation’s literary greats. Weaving a remarkable collection from the very best writers, tales of love and loss never ...

Cover for Classic Christmas Fairy Tales

Classic Christmas Fairy Tales

Rediscover the magic of Christmas with this classic collection from internationally renowned fairy-tale authors, Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. Our adventure begin ...

Cover for Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Deep dive into one of the greatest coming-of-age stories by the master novelist of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens.Charting young Pip’s experiences of poverty, prison, and fight ...

Cover for Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

‘Quo Vadis’ is a historical epic, set against the backdrop of a Rome at the height of its power. Rome finds itself at a turning point under the despotic emperor Nero, the strange C ...

Cover for A Story of a Weir-Wolf

A Story of a Weir-Wolf

The first werewolf story written by a female, Catherine Crow’s ‘A Story of a Weir-Wolf’ depicts the horrors of one man’s deadly secret - and fight for survival. Banished by those w ...

Cover for The Benson Murder Case

The Benson Murder Case

When playboy stockbroker Alvin Benson is found dead in his New York mansion with a bullet through his head, it sends shock waves through the city that never sleeps.Detectives desce ...

Cover for Josef Andrewsin seikkailut

Josef Andrewsin seikkailut

Hauska klassikko menneen ajan Englannista!Josef Andrews on nuori poika, jonka kyvykkyys ei jää keneltäkään huomaamatta. Kun muuan Sir Thomas Booby palkkaa Josefin töihin, Josef pää ...

Cover for En miljard år före världens slut

En miljard år före världens slut

En onaturlig värmebölja har lägrat sig över Leningrad. I ett hyreshus för forskare utspelas under loppet av några dygn ett drama med ofattbara personliga och mänskliga konsekvenser ...

Cover for 120, rue de la Gare

120, rue de la Gare

Hösten 1941. Den franske privatdetektiven Nestor Burma har hamnat i tysk krigsfångenskap. Där möter han en gåtfull man som har förlorat minnet. Strax före sin död i sjukstugan uppl ...

Cover for Valittuja kertomuksia ja novelleja 2

Valittuja kertomuksia ja novelleja 2

Anton Tšehovin novellit ovat ajatonta pohdintaa elämän suurten kysymysten äärellä. Tämän kokoelman tarinat toimivat ikkunana myöhäis-1800-luvun venäläiseen sieluun. "Iso Volodja ja ...